Takoma Park
Lunch and Learn

Takoma Park
Lunch and Learn

This is an extraordinary summer camp.

Our Goal

We offer a valuable experience each summer to underserved children in Takoma Park, Maryland.

Since 2013 we have improved academic skills, built up physical well-being, shared the joy of extracurricular activities and served two nutritious meals a day -- at no cost to the families.

Our Approach

Summers spent with video games and potato chips? Summers of restless mischief? Of classroom atrophy? At the Lunch and Learn camp summers do not go to waste.

Our educators teach reading, math and science from the curriculum of Montgomery County Public Schools to prepare students for the fall semester. Other instructors give kids their first swim lessons in the Piney Branch Elementary pool and expand their horizons with artistic projects.

Notable speakers such as the local police chief and frontline firefighters introduce them to future careers. And breakfast and lunch are always on the menu.

Going Hybrid in 2022

For 2022 Lunch and Learn will again be part of Montgomery County’s summer academic and enrichment programming with math, reading, wellness, ecology and cooking classes. Because of the pandemic our plan is hold the classes in a hybrid setting, using a combination of outdoors, indoors and online.